Sunday, October 2, 2011


I did some research on getting a new computer. My computer now, is just about hanging on since I can't get any Windows updates. I haven't been getting any Windows updates for the past year and a half and I tried having an IT resolve the problem. He said he'd have to load Service Pack 2. I've tried numerous times, but it just wouldn't go. I knew what the problem was all along. I'm also missing several other important updates, so lately I'm noticing I can't download some new programs that have come along or pop ups saying Windows cannot get that web site.

My present old 1G computer is 87% full on the hard drive and it says I only have about 4MGs left to work with, so I decided that it's time to bite the bullet and get a new computer.

I was hoping to wait until Windows 8 came out, but unfortunately, it won't be out until next Fall. I really can't wait that long; I'm just about limping along now with many web pages I can't get to.

I ordered the Gateway I had seen on HSN. It's a very pretty red one with a quad core processor. This is much faster than my dual core processor I have now of only four and a half years old. The new computer only has a 15 1/2" LCD/LED screen, but I decided I wanted to go smaller for easier carry alongs. However, I didn't order it from HSN because it was $70.00 more plus shipping which was more than what K-Mart was charging . It has the same programs on it that HSN was offering, including Word and Excel starters. That's all I really need anyways.

I will still use my dial up service, which I hope I still can, only because I'm trying to avoid the $25 bill each month for high speed instead of $6.95 for dial up. I figured that anything has to be better than the very slow, missing updates, almost to the point of my hard drive bursting computer, I have now. But if there's no way I can still hang on to my dial up or I find it just isn't working out, I'll have to bite that bullet when I come to it and get high speed.

I'm seriously thinking of starting off fresh with my new computer by not moving all of my "stuff" on my old computer to my new computer. It will be like Volume 1 for my old computer and Volume 2 for my new computer. Ah, starting off fresh. Like a breath of fresh air. No more frustrations (I hope).

I'm shaking my head now, realizing how many things I've had to update in these past few months. Boy, things have hit me hard in the pocketbook lately and hope this all will stop.

Anyways, I await delivery of my new baby. Tick toc, tick toc.

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