Friday, October 14, 2011


Internet Explorer 9 is giving me banking woes after I tried several times getting into my accounts with my new computer. After much frustration, I called my bank and that's what they said, and wanted me to get a new toolbar. I'm just about getting around, very nicely, I might add, on what I know on Windows 7 and Explorer 9. I didn't want to have to put anything more than I have to on my new computer, so getting a new toolbar was out of the question. Then, how do I get it out. Having two toolbars on my screen would also decrease my page size.
When the bank tech. had to consult with his supervisor, I knew, something was really wrong, since he too with all his efforts trying different things didn't work. I didn't think it was my new computer, Red, because I believe I got into my banking a few times before.
Sure enough, the bank's technicians are working on getting the bugs out of Explorer 9 and their system so they work well together. I asked how long this will take? The tech. said he didn't know and I should just keep checking back. In the meantime, since I don't want to change my browser, I will be using my old computer for that purpose. Who knows how many other sites are out there now not being able to communicate with Explorer 9? At least I know I have the latest version of Explorer which he said came out a few months ago.
I also understand that since Windows 7 has come out, they too have had updates. I thought by now everything on that would be AOK. When I bought my old computer with Vista on it really early on when it first came out, some web sites were having problems with it and also the program itself had bugs in it, but they just updated with fixes and everything turned out OK.
I learned yesterday, from documentation on my computer, that there is no side bar on the desktop that you can have gadgets in. You can still put gadgets on the right hand side, but then text would be covered up with the gadgets. I always liked having a clock and calendar right there all the time, along with the local temperature. No more of that. I wonder how many people are going to complain about that? Maybe they'll update the program so we can have our sidebars back again. Maybe not.
But, in the meantime, having a ball on my new computer.

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