Monday, October 17, 2011


The new computer has given me some frustration because of a few encounters I've had over the past few days. First sign of trouble was not being able to get into my banking, Pogo and wanting me to sign in every time I get on a web site. Usually, I can go for weeks at a time before they ask me to sign in again. I don't know if it's Explorer 9 or Windows 7 or just something I'm not doing correctly. Sooner or later all of this will come together, I hope. There are directions for Windows 7 which I'm slowly getting through. There are a lot of pages in the instructions and it will take some time. Otherwise, it's so darn fast, especially in sending photos. I can hardly keep up with it. How great is that? My old computer is also running fairly fast but still will not update Windows. I've tried to load Service Pack 2, which it says will fix the problem, but still no go on that. There is one other option out of the three so far that they say will fix the problem. I'll try that when I have the patience for another let down. I've just got to be in the mood to try to solve that problem, since I've tried sooooo many times for sooooo many hours to get that problem solved.

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