Sunday, June 12, 2011


No, I'm not broke financially (yet) but I thought I'd better let everyone know I can't get on line anymore with my computer. I'm debating how to solve the problem.

1. I've already been to the library where my computer does work with their wi-fi and tried through the internet with people who keep getting the same error codes and messages as I do and things that have helped them reconnect.

2. Breaking down and getting AT& T high speed.

3. Bring my computer to a computer tech and pay him at least $100 to fix my problems (maybe).

I still will be checking my e-mails, reading blogs, etc. in the meantime and the two places, plus others, Starbucks.

Until then, I'll be limping around vicariously.


RMKK said...

Hope this all works out soon. Good luck!


Blue Shoe Farm said...

When my computer was all virused out I went and used the library computers. Good luck on getting your computer straightened out.