Monday, May 16, 2011


When I woke up yesterday morning to find it snowing and my tiger succulent covered with snowy, slushy ice, I was surely glad I took the other more delicate plants into my home and saved them from  freezing temperatures and maybe even death.

The past few days and nights have played havoc with my plants.  Luckily I took my three plants in; the four freebies, the plant I saved and, of course, my tomato plant.

The weather report the other evening said to bring the pets inside  and I figured, just to be safe, I’d better bring the plants in.  Whew, I’m glad I did.  Now they are all in front of my patio door, trying to get as much light to them as I can without letting the cold in.

I just checked on line what the minimum temperature would be to keep a tomato plant out and they said at around 45 to 50 degrees at a thermometer about five feet high off the ground and to allow for the wind factor.  To be safe, put a blanket or row cover over the plants.

It is now 40 degrees and I have the heat on inside the apartment.  The sun is out, so maybe I can put them out again today for a while.  We’re supposed to have this rather cold, on again, off again rainy weather until Thursday when all will be well and back to the Spring weather here in the beautiful Sierra foothills of California.

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RMKK said...

I see it's been a crazy cold spring down by you too. We had a few warm days over the weekend and now we're using the heat today as well. lol!