Thursday, April 28, 2011


The world's a changin'. With the wars in the mid-east, the many horrific tornadoes in the mid western states, flooding, and fires the world over, earthquakes and nuclear waste being spewed in the air, sea and land, the price of gas, food and everything else to be able to live, housing is a big one, peoples' attitudes, the price of education and if it's worth getting a college, no less a Masters' degree, the very violent lava flows in Hawaii during the last four years, only a few hundred species left of wildlife around the world, politicians and their bad choices while in office (and I'm not referring to their voting habits but sexual habits) taxes being raised on everything and then some made up just to get more money from us, legalization of Marijuana with stores on street corners like your Starbucks, faith of anything reversing all of this (the "Not in my lifetime") attitude people are getting about all of this chaos turning around, crime being a nonchalant act, and many more which you can probably add.

Let me know some I haven't mentioned. This will only add more fuel to the fire I have lit under me.

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