Thursday, April 28, 2011


The problem with TV programs today is that they start out being a cooking show, but eventually they turn out to be mostly talk shows.

Rachael Ray is one of the biggest offenders after Martha Stewart. Rachael Ray puts out the same lasagna, chili, chicken recipes except she just adds a million other ingredients and calls it really good. How do we know that? She throws in so many ingredients I try to visualize with my taste buds what that would taste like? She throws in so many ingredients, I came to the conclusion you wouldn't know what the heck you're eating.

Her voice also irks me, even today after she had some therapy done to her vocal chords. Her boobs are propped up to her shoulders and her smile has dark holes in the corner of her mouth when she smiles. I'm not perfect, just wonder if anybody else out there notices these little nuances? She's also a very poor interviewer. Like she doesn't know what to ask her guests even though she has a cheat card right in front of her. At least Martha Stewart had a little more class in that department.

Martha Stewart went on to another lesser known network since she lost her ratings because of the same ol' same ol', but at least she had other things like gardening, arts and crafts and other interesting segments in her show. How many times can you show people how to peel an avocado or make greeting cards, or make a bird feeder out of peanut butter and a pine cone?

Martha had a trip segment I enjoyed until she started to present them in a condescending way; like, "I go on all of these trips, how great am I?" Then she started a segment on what she did the weekend before or the night before with all of her parties and dropping famous people's names left and right. "So what?" I'd say. She just presented it in that how great am I? kind of way.

I believe these "specialty" shows have run out of cooking, home improvement, design ideas, make overs you haven't heard a hundred times before. Even all of the variety talk shows during the day and the Tonight Shows have to go beyond and talk and do things in such a crazy and stupid way it's an insult to your intelligence. Same ol', same ol'.

Now in come the medical shows like Dr. Oz and all of his stupid props and assistant of the day segment which he makes a big deal out of and applause for that person in the audience being picked goes on and on...again, need to fill in the time for the show.

The Doctors show makes you feel like you're going to die if you don't do this or you don't do that through your daily life. Scare tactics. Prompting you to see your doctor at every little thing that happens to your body or to see a doctor before anything happens to your body.

Jerry Springer should be ashamed of his show and Dr. Wilkos has the most uneducated kids having kids, cheaters and incest stories. The same with Maury Pouvich. His show is such a joke, he even has to laugh at some of the things his uneducated kids on his show say. Same ol', same ol'.

And when the cooking shows do cook a dish, it's the same ingredients, only put together in a different form. Who are they kidding? So in comes the Kardashians, Michael Douglas, Tom Cruise or some nobody whose trying to sell their book to fill in the time.

All of the "who done it" shows almost always start off with either degrading women by seeing women dead or being killed in some awful way. There are too many of these shows on TV and I guess they have to try and keep your attention by trying to what they call "hook" you in in the very beginning of the show.

Maybe my age has something to do with this same 'ol, same 'ol attitude I have or maybe it's just gettin' old, gettin' old.

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