Thursday, April 21, 2011


I’ve been looking for a new blender.  Mine is 40 years old and is getting very noisy.  It seems that the part where you twist on the container to the metal part on the base is wearing its edges, so there isn’t a firm fit any more.

I’ve looked at the $400 to $500 Vitamix blenders and really liked the power of them.  I’ve also looked at the Ninja 1100 blender.  It does the same thing the Vitamix does and then some.  I’ve researched the comments people who own both blenders and the Ninja, I believe, is the right one for me.  I’d decided I didn’t need a $400 to $500 blender, even though it did have a bit more horsepower than the Ninja does.

The Ninja has two containers.  The large one being larger than my Oster I’ve had for 40 years.  I’d always wanted a larger container.  It also has a smaller container for smaller amounts to be chopped and has a whipping attachment and dough hook.  It comes with a cookbook too.

The Vitamix does mix to a very fine puree.  The Ninja users say just to blend a few seconds longer and it will do the same thing as the Vitamix does. 

What I especially liked about the Ninja is that it has six blades; three at various levels in the large container.  The small container has four blades; two at various levels in that container.  You don’t have to press down the contents of the container with a large plastic tube like the Vitamix.

Since I’ve been to the Ninja website at various times, I still thought the $160 price plus tax and shipping, although now they’re offering free shipping, was still a bit too steep in price, and so from time to time when I’m on line, I get little advertisements saying that with a code, I can get, at first, 10% off the price.  The past few days when I’ve been on line they’ve now offered me 20% off the price.  I guess I’ll wait until it’s 30% off the price.  If it’s on sale, it’s only on sale if it’s 30% off or more, for me, anyways.

I do have my food processor that will make ice cubes into snow for icy types of drinks, but it isn’t powerful enough to liquify fruits and veggies and doesn’t have a large container.

I’m imagining making Margaritas and blending fruits, veggies and smoothies for the summer months.

So come on Ninja, hit me where it doesn’t hurt… in my pocketbook. 

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