Thursday, April 21, 2011


I’m still fooling around with the free e-books from my library and yesterday I received an e-mail from them saying that my audio book I put on hold is available for me to download. Since I haven’t downloaded an audio e-book, I decided I’d give it a try, even though when I put it on hold I remembered what the guy told me: that I’d only be able to download three chapters at a time and it would take me hours, since I still have dial up.

But since it was the Eat, Pray, Love book and I was too cheap to go see it at the movies when it was playing, I thought I’d give it a try.

I nervously started the download and it did download quite easily. I was surprised because these sites aren’t that friendly for a person to understand. It kept downloading and I thought maybe it was done downloading after about 15 minutes. “That didn’t take that long,” I thought. So I began listening to the audio book.

The author’s voice was a soothing voice and started out very nicely and after about two chapters I stopped listening because I was listening with my eyes closed and laying on the couch. That’s how soothing her voice was. You just wanted to close your eyes and concentrate on what she was saying. As I was ready to close the site, I got a message saying it was still downloading and if I close at this time, I may lose what information I had already stored. So I kept going, until the site timed out or my service provider cut me off, usually about six hours I’ve been on line. So I got on line again (another six hours) and it kept downloading. Then another load up of six hours and finally I had to go to bed. This book had been loading up about 18 hours and I believe it still isn’t done. That’s alright. I believe I think I’m going to really enjoy this book. It really got a hold of me and I want to continue on. I can listen to what I’ve already downloaded without continuing to download. Or maybe I can still read and download at the same time. I don’t know. I guess I’ll keep playing with this site and see what happens.

I originally let the computer guy at the library download both programs you needed to download e-books and audio books. I thought that just in case I wanted to download an audio book even though it took me hours to do or I could download it at the library which has high speed or put them on a DVD and listen to them when I take road trips.

There is a way on this site to get books from not only our small network of libraries in my vicinity, but to go to other libraries across the country, if you can’t find a book nearby. Again, this feature was a bit too complicated for me to do. Maybe I’ll go back to the library and get more help from the computer guy at the library. It sure would be nice, because I’ve searched for many titles of books to get and they didn’t have that title.

So far, although it takes a lot of time to understand and work this site, little by little I’m liking it more, especially when you can get a book you don’t have to read and just lay back, close my eyes and just listen.

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