Saturday, April 30, 2011


Last night on the news they were covering the severe tornadoes that were happening down south. The reporter asked a meteorologist why were we getting so many tornadoes? He explained that with the heat up of the planet, the jet stream is having a harder time of doing it's job. He said that the jet stream dipped really low into the Gulf of Mexico's stream heading north and when the two of them clashed, both air masses formed all of these tornadoes. He nicely showed this explanation on PowerPoint.

Made sense to me. So what if the jet stream stops working altogether? Will there be constant tornadoes in the Midwest where nobody could live? Sounds like a TV sitcom. Where would these people go? What would they do. Oh no. That's already been done with aliens in all forms; i.e., robots, creatures, illnesses, hurricanes, tornadoes, etc., etc., invading our planet and Armageddon, huge boulders hitting our planet. You get the picture, same ol', same ol'. Yea, I'm still on that rant.

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