Sunday, January 9, 2011


While I was walking to my van to go out, I saw my next door neighbor, who walks with a cane and has her son as her caretaker, outside next to my van trying to get her son's car started. I stopped and asked if I could help. I was thinking maybe she had to get to the hospital as she was standing there leaning to one side. She has artificial hips and knees. She answered very nicely "No, thank you, he's just trying to get his car started and they should be on there way shortly." She asked where I was headed to and we started a little conversation. So I got into my van, and just as I was turning out of my parking space, I see her in back of her son's car pushing it down the street. I felt bad I wasn't there to help. She shouldn't have been pushing the car to help get it started.

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