Sunday, January 2, 2011


The Bewick's Wren which was visiting my patio feeding station is gone. He stayed approximately three weeks to a month. He was a really big eater. I hope nothing happened to him. He was a solitary bird, looking out of place in my sea of American Goldfinch, Titmouse, House Finch and Juncos. I've noticed in the past too that when I got a strange bird frequenting my feeders, they stay and then leave. It may be a sense of nature telling them this is not normal. For them to be staying alone with food always in one spot. Maybe next year he'll return. It will be interesting to see if he does, but then, I hope I'll be gone by next year; or for that matter, with in the next few months. Lately, I've been smelling Marijuana. This place is something else. Now that the rain has not subsided for very long in between the rain the whole inside of my apartment has taken on a terrible smell. I don't know if it's all of the rain that has seeped into the wood construction and into the older cupboards or what the deal is, but these smells are making me ill and depressed that I'm living in these smells and my furniture and belongings are taking on these smells and if and when I do move out of here, will I smell things on my belongings? Maybe I'll have to air all of my belongings outside for a few days before moving them into my new home.

They say that people are getting back to work and houses are selling a bit more, but not in price. They say it will take another two years for the housing market prices to get back to normal. No, I'm not staying here for another two years. I only got the one low offer so far. Hopefully, within the next four months that remain on my listing with an agent it will sell for a reasonably close price to what I'm asking. I keep going back to the listings to see whether I've overpriced my ranch and over and over again I keep saying no. My ranch is priced appropriately. There just aren't any serious buyers out there...yet. If my ranch doesn't sell by April, I'm very tempted to move out of here then or in September back to my ranch. I just can't bear to stay in this apartment any longer than that.

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