Thursday, December 2, 2010


This slow cooking type of cooking is quite new for me. I'm used to those really good, healthy meals in 30 minutes or less, although some dishes take me maybe an hour or so. You know the ones with protein, starch and vegetables cooked in pans on the stove top or oven.

I have, however, been eyeing one of these pots because my neighbor had a small one and made a chicken, vegetables and noodles in it. It all seemed too overcooked and mushy. It was good though and I ate it. I don't believe anything, especially chicken, should be cooked that long. Chicken is too delicate a meat to have to be cooking for so long. Even when I make chicken soup in my regular soup pan, it only all cooks for maybe an hour and is really great in texture and taste.

I've been doing some surfing the net and reading reviews on several manufacturers of these pots. I've gone to various stores checking them out as to their sizes and as well as their prices. When I just happened to be in Walmart and saw this really large one, because most of the ones I saw were small, and it being on sale, I couldn't help but to load it into my cart, because this was a really good deal and I knew they'd be gone in a flash if I didn't act right away. What a great gift for someone at that price, that size and so nice looking too.

I checked out the recipes enclosed in the box in my van in the parking lot at Walmart right after I purchased it because I was going to the supermarket and wanted to see if I needed anything different, like a certain cut of meat or any other ingredients I didn't have at home. When I arrived home I did some research on some other recipes and saw the one for the pulled pork roast. I purchased a picnic pork roast. It was on special at Winco for $1.29 a pound. What a deal for around $4 - $5.

I checked out different BBQ recipes. I wanted one with brown sugar in it. I had tried one without brown sugar and didn't like it. So I put the three things together; 1. How to cook the meat; 2. For how long; 3. When to add the rest of the ingredients and how.

The pork fell off the bones after eight hours in hot water. I probably could have taken the meat out sooner, but I wanted to follow the directions perfectly. The water never boiled or even simmered, but I could tell it was cooking. The container that held the large lift-out crock pot was very hot and the meat was changing color, so I knew it was cooking. When I tried lifting the meat out of the pot with a large fork after cooking, it just did what it said it would; fall off the bones. I then went to plan B. I lifted out the meat and bones with a large stir fry strainer which worked perfectly. I shredded the pork, put the meat back in the Crock-Pot, added the homemade BBQ sauce and heated everything together for about another 15 minutes. To my surprise, it didn't make as much as I thought it would. It looks like it may make six pretty full bun fulls. It sure smelled great. I heated the sesame covered rolls in the microwave and stacked the buns extra high. They were so good and never thought I could make such a wonderful dish, just like the ones in restaurants, but if I must say, even better.

Baby back ribs, pot roasts, stews, soups and desserts can also be made, which I'm sure I'll be making. I love left overs, but tonight I didn't want the pulled BBQ pulled pork again. I overdid it last night because it was so good. I'm sure within the next day or two I'll be finishing up this delicious dish.

Now I have to find a place to put this large Crock-Pot in my kitchen cupboards. I'll find a place for sure now that I'm looking forward to making other great slow cooker recipes.

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