Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I just learned from my friend in Southern California that last weekend Jake won a Blue Ribbon in the Agility Trials. She has been training him and finally she believes she has a dog that will do well on the circuit. He had no faults, which is a big thing in agility. I know she is so proud of him. She had tried to get her dog Buddy for quite a long time, now retired, to do just a little of what Jake has done in a short period of time. I guess it just has to be in the dog to want to do something for their owner so perfectly.

In the meantime, my friend is busily showing my ink portrait of Jake to all of her friends, church and neighbors.

The painting of her horse Dusty, which isn't completed yet, was sent to her via e-mail and she was amazed at how well I did my first portrait in oils and it isn't even finished yet. It needs a few revisions and I'm still waiting for it to dry a bit more before I continue on. My friend said, "Yep, that's Dusty, looking for a carrot." As I look at the painting drying, I see not only his right ear, eye, and nostril needs revisions, but also his mouth. I hope I don't wreck it even more. But that's what makes it so scary for me. Starting out on any painting or drawing, you get to a point in the beginning that wants you to tear up the paper or turp the canvas. I read in an art book one time that we all get to that point and not to destroy what has been done, but to continue on. So far, that little bit of advice has me glad I do continue on for they do come out nicely at the end.

I asked my friend if they had been back to Joshua Tree National Park yet and seen the Mountain Goats and said no, they've had some pretty stormy weather and haven't been back.

All in all, Jake's accomplishments has made my friend very, very happy and gloating all over the place.

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