Tuesday, July 1, 2014


A second run at this quilting group makes me want to cry.  I've gotten so confused at times I've started shaking.  Everyone trying to help, but got more confused.  Too many small pieces and mind numbing repetitive things to be done.  But I brought home a block with larger pieces that I put together and I did that correctly so maybe...

Next time we meet we'll be making pillow cases where we insert the quilts to be presented.  A nice presentation package and good idea to keep the quilts clean.  It will be with kids who volunteer so maybe it will be easy enough for me to do.  They said it will be made with large pieces which gave me hope.

Here's a photo of it.  I ironed it, but it looks a bit wrinkled because I folded it up to put in a plastic bag.  Also, some corners and edges aren't even which really bothers me, but they say they'll blend in with the other blocks and you won't notice them.  I will and did on other quilts they showed me.  I even pointed them out to the leader.  Maybe I shouldn't have done that.  Did I mention I was anal retentive?

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