Sunday, January 5, 2014


I had decided that after three months of being afraid to leave my home because of my sick cat, that I just had to get out of the house for more than a couple of hours, so I checked out what was going on with the Audubon Society and took off to Amador County to do some birding for the day.

I believed I would be able to get close enough to the birds to get some decent shots, but again, too far to get any close enough shots of birds to call it a good day for getting photos of birds.  However, there were many cows, farm lands and old relics to shoot.  The highlight of the day was a cow that just had given birth to a baby who was laying on the ground just after birth.  We missed the birth itself, but was very entertaining otherwise.  I began shooting just as the calf was getting off its feet and trying to balance.

There was another exciting happening just as we were departing at the end of the day.  A Prairie Falcon swooped over our whole group.  I could actually feel the wind from his wings, he got so close.  That was pretty exciting.

As I will be editing photos throughout the day, you can see what we were faced with trying to get some decent shots of some of the various birds we saw.  Some of the people had scopes, which without them, I believe the day would have been a complete disaster for me.  I could hardly see the birds, let alone seeing what some of the people were seeing and knowing what species they were.  Even with my binoculars, it was disappointing.  Some of these people have such good eyes in seeing these birds, it was amazing. 

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