Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Yesterday our power went out in 100 plus degrees.  Why?  The weather people on TV were showing graphs of how much power we have and they said we had enough because we were going to use our reserves to cover just enough of what was predicted we would need.  Great, I thought.  But why did the power go out then, I immediately thought?  There was a fire along our main highway. So in order for the firefighters to get in there safely, they shut the power off to tens of thousands of sweltering people.  I'm not saying the firefighters lives aren't important, very important, I must say.  So for several hours, I think around four hours, because it was so hot, I fell asleep for about two of those hours that the power was out.

So I was looking for something to do since nothing, including my computer, didn't work.  So a good time to experiment on my cell phone before my new phone arrives. 

I've forgotten how to send posts to this blog account, but I had a long number in my contacts for blogger and I thought I'd give it a try... again.  I believe a while back I used this number and it did work, but it would not send photos.  I also had a blogger address and tried sending to that address also.  That address did not work, but my phone said it was sent.  Sent to where?  I don't know.

The western United States is having quite a heat wave and we only have a couple more days of it.  Tomorrow will be the hottest and the last day of it, if predicted correctly.

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