Saturday, June 29, 2013


Since my old cell phone has only a little more than a month of service to go on it and I just saw a new sales pitch on the smartphone I’ve had my eye on and one of the TV shopping stores had it with some new accessories, I’ve decided to get it now.  It will arrive within the week. 

It’s a smartphone with wi-fi, touch screen and a whole lot of other features, half of which I probably will never use.  This smartphone comes with cute speakers, so hopefully I can play these speakers from my computer or MP3 player also.  The ad didn’t say they are including earplugs, so I’m hoping my MP3 player’s earplugs will work or earplugs from my present phone.  I’m going to try to download a bunch of songs on to it so I have everything on my phone; my e-mails, camera (only a 2MG camera) the web, Google maps, GPS, etc., etc., etc. 

I’ll be able to send video e-mails, and I believe voice to text which will mean no typing; well, maybe sometimes.  I ordered a white phone so I’ll be able to see it in my purse, backpack or anywhere else I decide to carry it where it’s dark.  The ad also didn’t say it will send a case, but only says you can carry the phone inside the speakers. Although the ad did show various covers, so maybe they’ll throw one or all of the covers in which are various colors and patterns.  Cute idea, but I don’t think I want to hang the speakers on my backpack.  Although it would be nice camping out and having it on a picnic table playing music.  It comes with a 2GB micro memory card but you could install a 4GB micro card in case you need more space. 

Games and apps are also available, but for the apps, I don’t know how to get those.  I’ve watched U-Tube video instructions on this phone and they are a bit helpful, but basically, I believe they leave it up to you to figure it out.  There is no manual on line yet, so maybe I have to call their tech support if I can’t figure anything out that I know I’ll need to use.

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