Friday, May 24, 2013


Today, I received an e-mail from Flickr, a photo website I belonged to several years ago, until they only let me upload only 200 photos and then told me I would be charged $25 a year to use their website.  Forget it, it thought, and started to upload on another site and I now only use Photoshop, Blogger and Windows Photo Gallery.  However, Flickr's e-mail said I now have one terabyte of free space to load up photos and movies.  I believe, however, you can only load a certain amount of that one terabyte they give you for free.  I believe I saw a line on their site somewhere that said how much so far I had used of the terabyte for this month, so that's why I figure you just can't upload everything you have at one time.  It would be like an external hard drive for your photos and I don't think that's what Flickr had in mind when they started giving you a terabyte of free memory.

I also stored my photos with Picasa, but recently, since I started setting up my new computer, Picasa hasn't been cooperating, so I might have to do away with it unless it starts picking up my photos automatically, like it used to.  I was also able to blog right from Picasa's site, but they also changed their web site around and I couldn't find out how to do that.  Fortunately, Windows Photo Gallery is now doing that.  Things keep achangin' and I must say, I'm getting pretty tired and frustrated of it all.  Anybody out their feel the same way? 

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