Friday, April 5, 2013


Last night, after 5:00 PM, my Wacom tablet/pen/programs arrived.  Yes, UPS does serve until 7:00 PM.  I opened the box just to see what it actually looked like, took out the information, held the contents in my hand and waited until today to get used to all of the contents.

So far, the programs that came with it are kind of skimpy, but the pen has some getting used to and you have to set all of the tools to your liking, along with your tablet and pen settings.  All of these settings.  Ugh!  So my first five hours of seeing all of what is in all of this has left me exhausted.  However, I did get to sample a lot of things and below you can see some of the samples just tossed up on the canvas.  Even with a pen, my markings are a bit shaky, but in time, I hope I'll get more confident in using the pen.  Right now, I've only used the tablet in the programs that came along with the tablet and pen, but maybe later or tomorrow I'll try the tablet and pen with my Microsoft Office and my Photoshop Elements 11 along with my little Paint program. 

There are some cute stencils (the hearts), tube paint (on the bottom) which I haven't seen in any other program.  However, these programs don't have kaleidoscope, the one I really wanted.  They do have, however, a Pro program, one up from mine, which has it.  It's $50.  Sure beats the Paint 12 program for $250.

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