Wednesday, March 6, 2013


The One Drawing a Day book is great to get you motivated trying different art programs as well as getting your feet, or should I say hands wet in drawing.  They say that if you can go 30 days, each day drawing at least one thing, you'll be hooked.

I downloaded a free Corel painting program to use for 30 days.  There are so many things you can do with this program, it's mind boggling.  Luckily, they have really great videos that go slow enough to see where they are placing their cursor, really on their tablet, that you can really learn something.  But there are just too many menus, choices and key combinations that really the only people who will want to learn this is a professional.  So I've decided to experiment with my new Office Word program, and my new Photoshop Elements 11 program to see how far I could go with them, very elementary I'm sure because I don't have a tablet with a stylus to get a really professional look.

Today's submission is another sketch from the cover of the One Drawing a Day book.  I did it with my new Paint program, again using my pad on my computer.  Maybe I'll be tempted to get a tablet and stylus once I find out which program or combination of several I'd like to use more.  This may be addictive the more I experiment.  I've priced some tablets and stylus and found some for around $60 and they get into the very professional ones which are up around $800.  But then again, they are very complicated to use.

So here is my submission for today.  Tap on it to get a larger drawing.  Still learning how to do things on all of these new programs like publishing larger on Paint program.

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