Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Wow, was I shocked and wondering whether I heard a few words while flipping my remote to one of the news stations saying Huell Howser died and will be missed by many.  Wait, did I hear right?  It can't be.  He just retired a little more than a month ago.  I blogged about it and even wrote about what he'd do with the rest of his life.  Boy, was I wrong.  Well, maybe not so much.  In his next life he will probably go beyond our world and report on all of those unknown places and lives we don't know about...yet.

This morning, I've been reading all of the wonderful things people have said about this great man.  They are all true, except one remark that said Huell was annoying.  To each his own.

The news centers from all over showed pictures and acknowledgements to him, including the Simpsons TV program honoring him on his 25 years on PBS.  What an honor.  I was even amazed to see someone saying where's his Hollywood walk of fame concrete block.  Yes, I'd give him one.

Then there were very recent photos of him which amazed me.  His face was what looked like swollen and large bags under his eyes.  He really looked bad.  Why did I remember him in a different way?  Maybe I haven't seen any recent episodes he made or maybe the camera shot his face, not exactly the same way as they used to.

The cause of death was from natural causes.  What does that mean?  However, more details are coming out now saying he died from a long illness.  Illness from what?  I'm sure it will all come out eventually.

Will he have a funeral?  Wow, I'd like to see his funeral.  People from all over California will attend, I'm sure.  Maybe he'll be cremated.  No, that would be hard to believe.  Most likely he'll be buried in a very well known Beverly Hills cemetery or maybe in Palm Springs where he lived and loved the desert.  Sonny Bono is buried in Palm Springs.  But, you never know, maybe he'll be buried in Tennessee where he was born.

Questions upon questions entering my mind about this very private man who gave his life to educating and entertaining all of us.  This is a man who let every minute of his life mean something to all of us.

Rest in peace, Huell, but knowing you, you'll still be visiting and reporting on people and places where you will be.  But who knows, you may even venture, for a very short while, to that other unknown place way down below, since it's someplace where few people know about, but I'm sure no one will want to visit.

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