Tuesday, January 22, 2013


I just purchased, about a week ago, a new computer.  Yes, it was about time since my Gateway with only 1G of memory has slowed down to a snail’s pace and it was like pulling teeth to just get an e-mail. 

My new computer is a red Hewlett Packard with, get this, a terabyte of memory and 8G of RAM.  This will be great, because I can now store all my photos on this computer.  I still will have my external one terabyte of memory on an external hard drive as a safety measure, but I sure miss my photos on my computer. 

This computer comes with the new Photoshop Elements 11 and the new Office, which will be in the market at the end of this month.  Of course, the operating system is Windows 8.  This all boils down to learning three new programs.  I believe it will be fun.  I love learning new programs and it’s good for the brain to learn new things, which I haven’t had much of since my retirement. 

The package also includes a free security program for the life of the computer and U. S. based technical support help for two years.  There are some other programs included, but for me, Office and Photoshop are the ones I can’t live without.  They did charge $66.00 for the Office program extra, which I took, because of several reasons luckily I found out about and I believe I have a few glitches in the program that don’t seem to work, even with the help of a technical support person.  Then again, I do have computer problems.  I believe one of the reasons was because Windows 8 will not recognize older versions of Office if you want to install an older version of it into your new Windows 8.  I also found out that my older version of Photoshop Elements 5 cannot detect the new file extension for movies taken from my Cannon Rebel.  I just recently purchased a 16G memory card for my Rebel camera, which is needed to use the movie feature, and none of my programs, Photoshop Elements, Windows or even Cannon’s own photo transfer program, wouldn’t take.  I tried everything to get them to go over in each of the programs several times, but the movies just would not go.  So I called Cannon and the tech tried to help me get the movies in all of those programs also to no avail.  Of course, I have computer problems and he thought he could help me with a few program changes in the Cannon program, but no luck.

When I saw this package being offered on TV before the holidays, I said this is the best package out there, because I have been looking for a new computer for at least six months to a year.  QVC was the program I purchased from.  Fortunately, I waited until now, because they put in a new Quad Core processor which was a bit updated since the ones they were offering before the holidays.  I believe the price was also lowered $50.00.  With the free shipping and Flex Pay, it was a done deal.  Nowadays, I refuse to pay a small fortune for shipping. 

So, being the anxious person that I am, I tried finding out the tracking history to know better when my new computer will be at my doorstep, which I have to sign for.  The order lady I ordered the computer from said a date.  A few days later there still wasn’t any change to my credit card information to tell me the order was placed.  I started to get worried, but about three days later I was e-mailed to let me know the programs were being shipped separately and they were on their way, but no computer yet.  Then about a week later, they told me my computer was shipped.  So I called to find out what the tracking number was so I could follow my computer along the way.  I asked the customer service lady where the tracking number was and what it was.  Evidently, I had the wrong carrier.  Anyways, she said my computer was coming direct from China then shipped to Alaska and directly on to the land carrier to my home.  Now that’s what I call efficiency.  I just hope there aren’t any storms in Alaska to delay my order.  They don’t even have to store your computer anymore in a warehouse here in the states.  It comes direct from the manufacturer or maybe one of their warehouses.  I laughed so loud when the girl told me that because that was a complete 180 degrees of what I thought she was going to say.  I was expecting it was coming from a warehouse in Nebraska or Boston or somewhere like that, but no, China then Alaska.  I also found out, when checking later on with the tracking number she gave me, that my computer will be arriving four days earlier than they predicted.  Hooray!

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