Thursday, November 1, 2012


I usually don't do two medical procedures in one day, but today was an exception.  I've had the dentist appointment set up for a couple of weeks and if I didn't go today for the flu shot, the next time a flu shot clinic in my area would be was the end of November.

The dentist told me I brush too hard.  I have a battery powered toothbrush, or should I say three battery powered toothbrushes.  One has a circular rotating and a regular back and forth brush going at one time.  Another has a circular rotating brush and a stable regular brush head and my third toothbrush has a pointed brush to get in between my teeth and really gets into those spots where it's hard to get into with a regular brush.  So I'm covered in all areas of my mouth.  I floss practically every time I eat.  I use Crest 3D whitening toothpaste, which, by the way, really works.

However, all that I'm doing to save my teeth is wrecking them.  My gums are receding and getting sensitive.

Going to the dentist here is a whole different story.  There are so many improvements.

The dental technician takes X-rays and you get to see them and you get to discuss them with the dentist.  The x-ray machine goes around your head.  Singular x-rays as well as photos are then taken of the teeth which are bothering you.  These are also discussed with the dentist.  He explained to me and showed me very clearly each tooth I was having problems with and why. 

My dentist recommended a battery operated toothbrush with the name Oral Care.  They are sold at Walmart and are about $30.  It has a circular rotating head on it.  Maybe my dentist has stock in this company.  I told him I'd look into getting one of these toothbrushes.  They are supposed to shut off if you brush too hard.  I'm skeptical.  Would my mouth feel as clean with this toothbrush as the ones I'm using now?  I'd hate to spend $30 for nothing.  My dentist also says I should use a toothpaste for sensitive teeth.  I only had a small cavity, so the end of the month I'll be having that done.  I can't wait to see if there are any more great improvements in the dental world.

I think it's really great that now you see what the dentist sees and you get an explanation.  You now know and see the work suggested is actually work needed because you see it for yourself.

After all of the procedures above, I decided to head over to where the flu shots were going to be given.  This was the first time I'd be going to a drive up flu shot.  Very novel, I thought, but it sounded very convenient.

I drove to the place where the shots were to be given, but I didn't see where I could drive my car in, so I parked my car in front and walked to the place where cars were already lined up and I stood at the end of the line of cars.  I was the eigth one in line.  Then cars started to line up behind me.  I was then standing between two cars in a long line of cars.

While cars were being directed where to go (they had a flu injector person on each side of the car and you stick your arm out of the car window and you get shot) they saw I was standing in between cars and quickly took me aside to a table where I got my shot quick so I wouldn't be in the middle of cars pulling forward or turning, in some cases, where the cars had to go.  It was quick and painless and I had my choice of arms I wanted the shot in.  I walked back to my car that I parked in front of the buildings and drove home.

Medical procedures here in Northern California are thorough, hi tech and quick, not like Southern California.

Did I mention my dermatologist graduated from Harvard Medical School?  Need I say more?

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