Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Yesterday, I learned of another bike ride I might be able to join in on.  It said it was a "tweeners ride" which means a ride level between beginners and a challenge on roads.  Hmm.  It again, didn't say much as to how fast they go but the mileage. (23 miles)  Nothing about hills.

So, again I e-mailed the leader.  This time I asked her for the route of the ride to see if I could do this alone.  She very nicely put all of the roads to ride on, but it was pretty difficult for me to see on an actual map I was trying to go by.  But when she started saying going up hills to the top and you can go as far as you want and turn around on these hills, made me realize what type of a bike ride this was.  It was not for a beginner, but a very advanced beginner/intermediate rider.  Maybe I'll go up there some day just to try the beginning of it.  That didn't seem too bad.

For now, I'll just go where I know I can go with a group that is my speed.  According to the bike riders up here in Northern CA, novice/beginner.  But everybody has to start somewhere.  Right?

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