Tuesday, September 4, 2012


To avoid hearing the lawn maintenance people on their power lawnmowers, blowers and edgers, I decided to go down to the local tennis courts.  You have to have a key to get in, but I remember all of those older men who play a couple times a week and were pretty good players who had a key to get into the courts seemed nice to let me whenever I went down there just to practice my serve and let me in.  I went down a few times and played with the lady and her daughter who had back problems.  They wanted my phone number, but then they never called me.  Who does that?  Maybe they thought I was a bit too fast for them.  But why ask for my number?

I went down to practice my serve on the empty court.  I was going to practice a new serve.  The new serve was demonstrated on the USTA website saying, "Do you want a more powerful serve?"  I clicked on the video and there was Serena Williams.  Well, she threw the ball up really high and then jumped two to three feet off the ground before her racquet hit the ball.  Wow, what power.  But I thought I'll try it and see if I could master a bit more power in my serve.  I can see where, if practiced a lot, you could eventually master it.  Maybe for me with an instructor, but just as I was practicing, more men came in the courts and asked me if I was going to have this court all to myself.  And then one man was leaving, so they asked if I wanted to play with them.  Wow, was I happy about that.  Playing with men isn't intimidating to me.  I used to play with men many years ago and I loved it.  It was challenging and sometimes I intimidated them.

So on the court we went playing doubles.  Since I just was practicing this new serve only and didn't even warm up rallying, I did make some easy errors to begin with for just a short time, but the man who invited me was very nice and said that's alright.

I got some really great points in.  The man I played with really enjoyed playing with me and told all of the other men (8 altogether) that I was pretty good.  So when everybody left for the morning and we all gathered around, the man who I played with said, "Would you like to play with us?" and gave me the days and times they played.  Wow!  I was so excited.  Now I can play tennis three times a week!  That should get my game accelerated.

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