Thursday, September 13, 2012


Since my bike helmet that I just purchased broke (the visor which was supposed to be adjustable) broke off from a small, plastic clip which was supposed to hold the whole thing on.  So, I brought it back, looked in a couple other stores and then went to my bike store where I purchased my bike and sure enough, I found the perfect one.  I'll wear it on my bike trip this weekend.

It has a visor, which the man who sold it to me and also sold my bike to me, said it is not adjustable, but in case of a fall and you fall on your face, that the visor will come off easily enough.  The front of the visor is held on with velcro and the sides have clips.  These are supposed to give way when a collision occurs with the visor and the ground.  The color is white and it will go well with my bike and bike clothing I have.

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