Tuesday, August 7, 2012


I went for 5.03 miles, 10,632 steps, 10,492 aerobic steps in 85 minutes and burned 396 calories. 

Along the path are two small homes for sale.  They're on a third of an acre, both 3 bedrooms, 1 bath homes.  They are asking $150K for both.  I looked through the windows on one home, and what I could see, it needed a good cleaning and repairs, but couldn't see enough to get really how much work is needed in it.  The other home, I believe, had someone living in it because there was a boat and a car under the carport.

I took time to read the paper flyer in a box outside of the homes.  They want cash and says the rent on the homes would be around $l,100 each.  Yeah, if you could rent them out, I thought.  It's a shame they are just sitting there because the area is really lovely.  The same with my ranch.  Just sitting there and it's a really cute place.  When will this ball and chain be disconnected from me?

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