Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Yesterday, on my run/walk path near Walmart, which I must say, I like better than the path right around the corner to my house, I was surprised at the number of wildlife I encountered.

The time I went before yesterday, I encountered three squirrels running across the path or into the path and running back into the brush.  But yesterday was different.

In one of the meadows that are on the side of the path, was a fast movement in the corner of my eye.  Low and behold a deer.  Then coming back on the path I saw up ahead wild turkeys!  It was a mother and her six chicks, although they weren't the size of little ones, these were quite large, about half the size of her.

I made it a point, at that point, to look into getting a camera small enough to put into a small pack I could wear around my waist.  Small enough to carry just my camera and keys, but not large enough to bang on my hip as I run.  I looked on the net for something not very expensive, but yet with at least a 20X zoom.  The ones with my specifications were still up there in price, so I guess I'll just keep looking and have to wait maybe another six months in order to get what I want at the price I want.

I can call my cell phone company and try to find out if I can in fact get my photos out of it without a memory card.  Like I said before, the photos aren't that great to want to spend any more money on the phone to try to get them out of the phone.  I really thought e-mailing them to me could work, but when I tried that, it didn't work.  So my only hope is calling the company.

Wish me luck.

Today is my day of rest.  I guess I'll clean the apartment a bit.

I did, however, accomplish getting my tennis bag yesterday I've been looking for.  One that will hold my racket, purse, water bottle, camera, etc. and yet not too big and heavy.

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