Sunday, July 1, 2012


The organizer of our tennis gettogethers just set up the first two tennis meetups and already there are three attending.  Wow, how news travels fast.  I'm getting excited at this new venture.  Maybe I was a little pessimistic, but by next week, there should be more people joining us.

The only real tennis up here is where you have to pay $40 a year, a little further down the hill is a tennis club where you pay $70 a month and also up here if you have a key to most of the tennis courts because of vandalism.  I think you don't have to have a key at these tennis courts is because I saw a manufactured home right on the side of the courts where someone lives.  He may be the security for the courts and high schools and keeps an eye on everything and everybody.

There used to be swimming for seniors at the beautiful pool they have there, but this year, I haven't seen any signs for that, although there are a lot of kids taking lessons and just having fun in the pool.

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