Wednesday, December 14, 2011


The neighbor of mine, who smoked and chewed tobacco, recently had quadruple bi-pass surgery is now back home. I saw him about a week ago walking around the complex. Two days in a row, in fact. I thought he was walking well and looked fairly well in his face. However, yesterday I heard the roll of a door from a truck outside our apartments. It was a medical truck. It was unloading, which looked to me oxygen and a machine to go along with it. It looked like a very modern, small machine. I didn't watch to see the large oxygen tanks delivered. I don't believe it was an old fashioned type that the one who died below me had. This was really modern looking. Later last night I saw on TV an ad for a small compact oxygen device advertised and realized that this was the model my neighbor had. It looked really similar. I'm thinking this man may have taken a dive for the worse.

I noticed just a few days ago that he has decked out his patio for the Christmas holidays with a big, lit Santa, lights and other Christmas decorations you could think of. I believe his ex-wife, who lives in the next building down, did all of this for him, because now seeing that he is now on oxygen, he is unable to do this himself. I also saw that she did his laundry for him a few days ago because she came from his apartment and went into the laundry room with clothes. Maybe his ex believes this will be his last Christmas, so she has done this for him. There is a contest here for the best decorated patio for the holidays and maybe he'll win. He's got enought stuff out there to decorate a department store window.

If this is truly what is going on with him, he has about three months to live, tops. Like the one downstairs that died of cancer, she too came home from the hospital laughing, people visiting her and her walking around. But she too had the oxygen and declined very quickly and died within three months.

I guess it's just a matter of time to see how this neighbor's life plays out. Just another one down the drain.

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