Thursday, November 3, 2011


Yesterday I received my new Seagate external hard drive. I did all the research before ordering it saying it was easy to use and quiet. It's quite small, maybe 6" X 10" with a black sleek, shinny cover.

It connected to my computer easily enough, but then, how do you use this thing? I kept searching their web site and nowhere was my model to be found. I kept playing around with it, but nothing and this was after two hours straight. So I made the dreaded call to Seagate. The girl tech. said yes, that it could be confusing to find information. The information was not there. So she e-mailed me directions on a file by file backup. But I said I had 6,000 photos in my computer and if I could just get them backed up, it would help a lot. So she tried sending me a program where that could be easily done without file by file backup. The program would not come to me. She couldn't take control of my computer either, so nothing could be done. She said to talk to Microsoft.

Later on that day, I wanted to check my e-mails and see if anything new showed up on my computer regarding Seagate. Nothing. Later on I checked my e-mails. There was something, but it lead me no where. Then after the third time turning on my computer to get my e-mails, I saw a Seagate shortcut on my desktop. So I clicked on it. It was the trial offer that the girl was trying to send me a not trial offer of. It said to start backing up, so thinking that it was only going to transfer my photos which the girl at Seagate had tried to do, I clicked on it. Well, six hours later it had, I believe, backed up everything from my computer to it. They were right when they said it was quiet, easy to use and fast. But I still don't know how to use this thing if I just want to backup a few things. The lady at Seagate got me worried when she said you could only transfer nine times and then the first thing you transferred would fall off. I asked her if it tells me it will do that. She said no. She also said I have to not only backup on this external hard drive, but that I should also back up somewhere else. Well, why did I purchase this if I also had to backup with DVDs or some other place or thing? I now have a Seagate Dashboard shortcut on my desktop. Things keep popping up every time I turn on my computer. This is crazy.

I'm hoping the tech. from Microsoft can explain this thing.

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