Monday, October 24, 2011


Lately, I’ve had mixed thoughts about Red.  I find myself wanting to use my old 17” computer.  Why, you ask?  Number one:  the screen is larger and not cut off at the top.  I find my head bending downward and then with my eyes, looking up.  After a while, it seems my eyes and neck get stressed.

Since my high speed upgrade, my old computer is humming along, even though trying to get Service Pack 2 into my computer has proved to be a real pain.  So far, I’ve tried to install it four times.  This is at least a one hour process each time.  I finally got the free 800 number of Microsoft which will help you as long as you already have Service Pack l installed, which I do.

The first Indian man from Microsoft tech. support went into my computer where no one has ever gone before.  After many adjustments, he tried to load Service Pack 2.  After another hour, no success.  So now, another service tech. will pick up where the first one left off.  He tried again briefly today.  He also shared my computer with me and looked briefly into my system and did some things that are still running with him where he is and it will take about 12 to 15 hours for him to try to straighten things out in my computer.  Corrupt files, etc. is the problem he thinks and maybe tomorrow when he calls again, the loading of Service Pack 2 will finally happen.

Without Service Pack 2, I can’t upload any updates, either in my computer or getting Internet Explorer 8 or 9.  I also can’t get on U-Tube because I don’t have the updates needed to do so.  So I’m determined to get my old computer into shape.  Since I only have 4.27GB free of 83.4GB on my computer, I’m looking for an external hard drive to purchase to get my over 6,000 photos out of here.  This, I know is what is taking up most of my precious memory of only 1M.

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