Wednesday, October 26, 2011


I just had another bout with Microsoft.  With all of their checking the inners of my computer, come to find out, I’ve got a really big problem that only reloading my operating system and getting rid of my over 6,000 photos to give me enough space to do this is the only way.

I’ve shopped for an external hard drive the other day on line.  I finally found a Seagate, 2TB external hard drive with excellent reviews all around.  I went to Office Max to look at it, but, silly me, it’s only available on line.

So as soon as I hung up with the Microsoft tech., I looked for it and it would not take some of my information, so I called their 800 number.  The price was $89.99, without the tax, but as you know, I always ask for a discount and told the operator that I tried finding a promotional code, but I could not get that either, which I really did.  So after a few minutes, the girl found a discount for me and I got it for $80.80, including tax.  There was free shipping.

The Microsoft tech. is going to call me Monday to see if I’ve received the hard drive, if I was able to transfer all of my photos on it by then, and he said if I had any problems with it, he would help me do it over the phone.  He and the other techs. I’ve spoken with have been really nice and try to help you in any way they can.  This service is equal to AT&T’s. 

So now I sit and wait for my hard drive to arrive.  They say up to seven business days, but hopefully I’ll have it by Monday morning when the UPS guy usually comes or maybe around 4:30; you never know.

What an ordeal, hugh.

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