Thursday, July 21, 2011


I've driven almost 400 miles today and it was something else. I am on a four day trip with my photography club to Humbolt County to see the Redwoods. We took side trips to Clearlake, our first stop. Next was to the place where you could drive your car through a tree. $6.00 for cars, $4.00 for motorcycles. I saw Hugh Howser do it. That was enough for me. We then had dinner at a Beef and Brew outside of Eureka.

As I drove through Eureka I said, "Oh, God." White trash galore. Although I've heard there are better places around this area. Hopefully I'll see them on the way outa here.

All 30 of us are sharing two bedroom houses. I've chosen to sleep in my van in the garage for a discounted price. My own private room. I can use the bathrooms and anything in the house. People are all over the place. Our food supplies, breakfast, lunch and dinners are all proportioned out and seems like there's enough food and meals are all pretty well designated to each house. Saturday night there is a progressive dinner from house to house, each house providing entree, salad, dinner and deserts.

The houses all have Wi-Fi, even washers and dryers. The homes are really nicely furnished, except for the fold out couch which I almost had to resort to because two girls parked in the garage and they were asleep already when we arrived, but since the fold out couch was very droopy and I have my nice mattress and everything organized in my van to sleep in, they woke the girls up and one of the guys moved their car so I could have my garage. So I'm really happy.

Well, it's almost 11:30 PM. I'm pooped after a full day of driving and visiting different areas. Tomorrow is another full day going to Trinidad.

Night, night!

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RMKK said...

Eureka = white trash galore.
I've always been a stickler for who I will label as white trash so you would have to understand the picture I conjure up in my head when I read this. lol.