Monday, March 28, 2011


Wanting to find out more about e-books, I subscribed to my local library's and Barnes & Noble's. I downloaded some free ones first to see if I liked reading a book from my computer. I found out the following: Setting up from the sources was a bit tricky and the sites confusing to use. Not friendly at all. Most of the freebies were fiction. I'm too much of a realist and prefer the non-fiction ones. Reading for hours on my computer was a bit too much on my eyes. The bright background with the print was glaring too much for me. Although you could make the print larger, which is a good thing for me, the white background, like I said, was too much. I really like the large font books and always look for them first when I go to the library in the New Books section. Less strain on the eyes and it's like reading a children's book. I also like reading from a book because you can curl up with the book in your lap. With the book on your computer, it's hard to change position and when I tired of sitting straight up reading, I took the computer, laid down on the couch and balanced the computer either on my stomach or laying sideways with it on my hip or teetering off the side of the couch. Not too comfortable after a while. Although it sounded like a good idea at first, I'll stick to the real books where I can adjust the lighting on my page with a reader bulb. Reader bulbs are great. They're your white incandescent light bulbs coated with a blue coating. This cuts out the yellow from a regular white incandescent light bulb. If you try the reader bulb, I know you won't want to read from any other light source or for that part, not even having a room lit with a plain whte incandescent bulb. So, how about those reader tablets which are so popular, supposedly flying off the shelves? I now know I don't want to read a book from a cell phone, tablet, computer, or any other device that has a blaring screen or too small of a screen like a phone or even a tablet. With a book, it will practically bend, twist, curve or fold out to any length and into any shape you want it to be in while sitting, laying, standing or even on the treadmill. So, if you've wanted to know more about all those fancy devices, try using the free e-books to get a taste of this new way of reading. There is, however, another way of reading through these two sources (local library and Barnes & Noble) and am willing to give a try, is the audio e-books. You can download them on your device or you can burn it on to a cd, dvd and you can hear the story read to you. I was thinking of doing that for my next road trip. The library said, though, when you download audio books, you can only download three chapters at a time. Maybe there's a way to download it all at once on a cd or dvd. I believe with Barnes & Noble you can download the whole thing at once. Again, something to fool around with when I feel like it. So, investigate before you invest.

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