Thursday, March 31, 2011


Since I’m on a roll about small kitchen appliances and if they stand up to what they’re all about, this one is about the death of my electric frying pan with a top.  It was old, but it looked almost brand new since I took really good care of her through all of the years I had her.

I made pancakes only in my electric fry pan.  My mother had one, only smaller.  Mine was a Presto,14 inch in yellow, purchased almost 40 years ago at K-Mart along with a toaster and blender when I set up my kitchen when arriving in California.

It all started when she wasn’t getting as hot as she should and took a very long time to cook pancakes, so I went down to, where else, but my friendly Wal-Mart store.  They didn’t have any electric frying pans.  I had looked on line and the ones they did have, I didn’t like.  I also checked out K-Mart.  So I waited and waited and my good ol’ electric fry pan kept trying and trying to hold out, but I just couldn’t put her through the agony of having to please me with more heat.

I checked again a few months later at Wal-Mart and found an Oster electric grill, 16” for $10.00!  There was also a 16” Presto electric grill for $20.00 which also looked nice.  The Oster was the last one and I quickly purchased it.  It was nice, but the thermostat didn’t work.  This grill got sooooo hot at any temperature it was set at, so back it went for a refund.  In the meantime, I did some research on line and found a Presto 19” electric grill for around $26.00.  Free shipping and no tax.  So I ordered it and glad I purchased this 19” one instead of the 16” one at Wal-Mart.  It’s really great with a really large cooking surface and it’s easy to store away since there is no cover that comes with it.  I used to make pineapple upside down cakes in my old Presto electric frying pan, which I’ll miss doing, but with this new larger cooking surface and easy to store advantage, which I store on it’s side and is even more convenient, I believe I’ve made the right purchase.  I’m enjoying my new electric grill so much with it’s really large surface, I can make my large pancakes and bacon at the same time.  It even has a drain where you can either push the grease down into it or you can slant the pan, like I do, by putting two shallow, small dishes placed upside down under two of its legs, like George Foreman grills, which are too small for me, is a nice feature.

As I gently placed my old Presto electric fry pan into the trash dumpster, I told her I loved her and she served me well.

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