Monday, November 22, 2010


I haven't blogged in a while and I've submerged myself again in reading and practicing my artwork...mostly reading. Although I know to improve I must practice, but I really love just reading about and seeing how other artists work. Between simple instruction books on how to draw and paint in every medium, I can pass the hours with no problem. But then again, reading about all of the wonderful tools artists use and me purchasing them, can be a bad thing.

I went down to Folsom's Michaels and Aaron Brothers Art Marts and purchased more art stuff. A battery powered eraser, a pad of Bristol heavy weight paper, an "F" pencil, a Prismacolor colored pencil in Magenta. Would you believe they would leave that color out in their box of 24 I purchased a few years ago? I had the color in a Kodak box I bought many years ago and it produces very vibrant Magenta, but for my own curiosity, I had to get it in Prismacolor, because Prismacolor is a more professional colored pencil. To tell you the truth, I think in both brands, the Magentas look and produce in the same. But I must admit, a lot of the Kodak pencils are not that great as the Prismacolors. I'll have to pick and choose of the two brands when I decide to use similar colors in both brands. I also purchased four grey marker pens, a small synthetic brush for small areas of paintings. This brush was the main reason I went art tool shopping once again. There really wasn't that much of a variety or supply of brushes in either store and I was very lucky to find this perfect little brush. I hope it's perfect. I haven't used it yet. I turped out the whole eye section of Dusty, my friend's horse in oil, did more work on the nostril and ears. Still a little more to do on his eye, face color and mouth. I just can't seem to get it right, but with this new brush, I hope I've solved the problem. I chose this synthetic brush because they're great. They're stiffer than real mink brushes, which have their own place (I have several) and they're much less expensive than real hair brushes from squirrel, horses and many other poor, innocent creatures. I wonder how they pluck out their hairs?

I just checked out my plein air arts group to see if they're going anywhere interesting in the near future. They will be going to a nature preserve next week and I'm seriously thinking of going, even with the cold weather. I must practice now and if I don't get out from all of this artwork, having fun with tools, pencils, pens and paints, have a Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.

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