Thursday, September 30, 2010


Today, on one of the the scientific channels, there was big news, really BIG news. Another planet, not too far away, maybe 20 something light years away, not really that far away for scientists, was discovered. It's supposed to be VERY similar to the earth. It has a good amount of water on it. One of the very intelligent scientists says it may have intelligent life forms on it. Hey, maybe that's what's been flying around our planet, those guys! Not that I've seen anything other than shooting stars or comets. At the end of the short blurb of this earthshaking news, to me anyways, the commentator says, "I guess when we screw up this planet, we can go somewhere else." I laughed about that, but you know, it's so true.

I guess now we'll be pouring money into NASA to be able to go there and do research there or to develop a probe with cameras and robotic arms on it to go there and take pictures and get samples from this new planet. Maybe the space station will move there.

I'm looking forward to a new planet we can send humans to. Like the moon and Mars. Although the moon and Mars had really little to offer us humans, maybe this planet will be an out; first, for the rich, to set up and be in a safe, crime and pollutant safe place to call home.

Now, let's see. What shall we name this planet? Maybe there will be a contest for us on earth to name and maybe win some acreage there. Maybe they've already named it after the person who discovered it. Hmmm, let's see. Maybe I'd name it New Earth. You know, like New Mexico. I'd say New York, New Hampshire, New Brunswick, but were there Old York, Old Hampshire, Old Brunswick? Or like the TV program, Old Christine, New Christine. Makes sense though.

What would the average cost to move there be? A moving truck costs an arm and a leg to rent nowadays just going a few hundred miles. What would it cost to rent a moving capsule or moving spacecraft? I couldn't fathom the cost, or would you only be able to bring a carry on and the clothes on your back like our forefathers did when they took boats to the New Land.

I probably won't be around to see that happening, but I don't think I'd be up to going and settling down again in not only a place I'd have to learn all the streets, where to shop, what areas to live, etc., etc., it takes to settle into a new area. Anyways, if all of what they say is true, it will be fun in seeing how it all will happen. But if there are life forms there, like there were people living here in this country, what will happpen? Will we take their land away from them or will they be superior life forms from us that will not let us overcome them?

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