Tuesday, July 20, 2010


This morning I rose very early and at about 8:30 I decided to give our nearby high school’s new running track a try.  Like I had described it before, it looked like Berber carpeting.  I set Genie on the name of the high school so she would take me exactly in front of it.  The high school is going through some serious landscaping projects and it was hard to see from the tennis courts where we play where exactly the parking lot to the track/football field was. 

I did find a parking lot directly in front of the school, but then as I was entering the school grounds, with construction people, trucks, bull dozers and trucks, trailers all in synchrony, I asked a lady coming out of the front of the school where the track was. She informed me that the track is new and I’ll love it and told me of a street a little further up I could turn on next time to get parking closer to the track.  My excitement rose, for I’d never run on a rubberized, Berber carpet looking track before. 

Wow, was this track nice.  I mean really nice.  It was so flat, not like a regular dirt track at a high school.  It was cushy.  As I bent down to feel the track, it felt like it would hold my running shoe very well, almost like a mountain climber’s rubberized shoe holds the side of a mountain.  I whizzed around the track feeling like I was flying, like a Gazelle, even feeling a little elevated off the track.  It was so smooth and the track gripped my new running shoes like a spider sticking to a web.

As I started running, I glanced over to the football field/soccer field/broad jump area/and what looked like cushions for gymnastics.  I realized the grass was fake!  I had to bend down and feel it for myself.  The grass was a plastic/rubbery substance sticking out of a black, solid rubberized base.  The painting of the lines and numbers was sharp, almost like hi def.  Really sharp looking with the green grass and white numbers for the football field. 

No wonder the athletes of today are breaking records.  The technology going into these fields makes it easier to achieve those records.  Who needs steroids when you have these improvements?  But evidently, if there’s any way to get ahead in that business, I guess the athletes of today will try it.

As I continued to run/walk around this country club of a school’s track, I noticed another thing on this campus.  A batting practice area with a ball shooting out of the machine.  At first, I thought it was a tennis ball machine, but noticed some young girls using it with I believe, an instructor.

If any of these kids of today saw the high school I attended, they would probably feel sorry for me.  But that was yesterday’s news. 

I asked myself, “Why go on vacation?”  Just come here to my local, brand new high school.  They have everything just like in a fancy, expensive resort practically right in my backyard.

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